Ideas upon ideas…

So, I’ve been having ideas over the last couple of years and figured I’d detail them, both in the hope that I’ll actually get started, and to possibly spark other people’s creativity.

Deadlands – It’s a western, but with magic and all manner of horrible gribblies. I had some notes about a riverboat cruise combined with a poker tournament (Yes, I’ve seen Maverick), but factor in intrigue between the rail companies, poker players (And those trying to steal the pot) and several gunfighters on a trip and there’s an idea which should make it past the after party. Some system would be needed for magic, but as for combat, if you can hit the other person with a Nerf dart, then you’ve wounded them. Plain and simple.

Ghost Hunters International – 1 goup of players is the investigators, the other are a mix of the local experts and the ghosts.You could take that further in a Cthulhu mythos direction, or the PC’s could be trainees of Ghostbusters International. There’s certainly interest in that given the new movie, though I’d set it in the new movie universe, just to annoy any whining man-babies. You wouldn’t be restricted to Ghostbusters, you could have the client, journalists and reps from head office checking how the trainees are doing etc.

Star Trek – The idea’s not mine on this one, but I’m part of the planning crew. Two ships (Federation and Klingon?) have been damaged/stuck somewhere, but can communicate through viewscreens (Ipads connected though wifi). The plan was a make it a con game.

Shadowrun – Along with Fallout, I love the universe , though haven’t spent much time in it. Either way, something post apocalyptic would be a nice change. I’d also be open to a retro-future style Cyberpunk 2020 style game. Or perhaps some sort of cross between The Running Man and Escape from New York?

Conan – I did some prep work on this a couple of years ago. The idea was a 1-shot set in a tavern in Arenjun, city of thieves. Someone has stolen an important thing and come to make the exchange. Others want the thing, or to stop others from getting the thing. Mercenaries looking for work, fences looking to make the exchange etc. Either way, put a load of people who aren’t trust worthy in any way, add in a pile of coin and an expensive magic thing and stir.

Adventurer School – This one snowballed somewhat. What began as Adventurer College: 10 Year Reunion: The Freeform morphed into a series of games where we see the characters start Adventurer School, then games based around the first day of high school, formal and college. Maybe another LARP that’s their athletics carnival?

Star Wars – a planned (2-3 sessions) game set in the Old Republic era. Probably set on Nar Shadda to allow for agents of both sides (Jedi and Sith) to appear. Perhaps some sort of negotiations at opening, but I haven’t had a plot for this one, just the idea.

So yes. At some point I should actually put something together, as opposed to the one I’ve actually said I’ll run, which is as follows:
Star Wars: A Small Disturbance in the Force.The PC’s are a group of Jedi trainees in the Old Republic era, but the twist is they’re all the smaller races – Jawas, Chadra-Fan, Squibs etc. Oh, and one Wookiee. True, they aren’t small, but you try telling Massive Q no… šŸ™‚


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