A Public Service Announcement

Ahem. Recently I ran a convention game entitled Fair and Balanced. For those who didn’t play it, it involved Fox News anchors saving America from Obama’s ‘socialist tyranny’. (Before anyone says anything, it was a parody, though several groups of players hadn’t realised the PC’s were both A: real people and B: their flavour text quotes were genuine.)

It seemed to go rather well, judging from the reactions. Several groups started fist fights with Obama (With one player disguising themselves as Stephen Colbert), some launched attacks on the 200ft tall statue of Obama made from melted guns while one group used home made napalm to paint a giant burning cross on the front lawn of the White House. (Feeling that America has forgotten about religion and needing a reminder..) This has led to numerous people asking for a sequel, with a working title of FAIR AND BALANCED 2: THE TRUMPOCALYPSE. 

So, will I run a sequel? I’m here to answer that question now: NO.Nope. Nay. Nein. I’m not touching that with a 10 foot pole.Not for all the tea in China or all the dice in GenCon.Thor can speak for me further:2344222-2040381-thorsay_thee_nay_3

Writing the first one was hellish enough  -keeping track of, let alone making heroes out of people whose every utternace I find loathsome and abhorrent (Megyn Kelly’s needling of Donald Trump aside) and people want me to delve back into that cesspit? What the hell do you think I am?

PS: I’m not running another Ewok game either – once was enough for that. The only sequel I’m contemplating is one to Operation Aquarius, as in the canon version of that game SHIELD, and by extension HYDRA, now have access to Dalek technology. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?


2 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement

  1. Much though I enjoy the idea of a Trumpocalypse game I doubt it would work as well. A far better idea would be to run Fair and Balanced again at another con. Say Phenomenon for example, plenty of people there who haven’t basked in your genius. Also running an existing game leaves more braincells for writing your inevitable game for Sydcon

    • That’s a thought. I guess my main concern would be given how the next Pheno is well after the election that it would lose some of the topicality. I’ll keep the options open though.

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