Holy Licensing Issues Batman!

Welcome dear readers!

This week (Outside of trying not to melt in the heat) I’ve been re-watching Leverage to prepare for an upcoming game and sorting out my costume for a live action game I’m in. So, basically, I’ll be very dodgy sitting around a table and dodgy dressed up in costume and wielding foam swords. Hey, do I mock your hobbies?

There’s been a fair bit of big news this week, but there’s one story that overshadows them all. It’s something many thought would never happen, but finally, after almost 40 years, Batman 66 is finally getting a home release. The show was long tangled up in rights issues between Fox (Who produced the show) and Warners (Who own DC Comics), with further legal issues over celebrity cameos muddying the waters even more.  The news was broken by a tweet from late night host Conan O’Brien and appears to confirm a complete series box set would be released this year, though there’s no word on special features or whether it’ll be on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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 Hurry Boy Wonder, we have to get to JB Hi Fi in time!

There’s also the trailer for Doomed, the untold story of the Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie. What’s that, you’ve not heard of this? Well, that’s because it was never intended to be released. The film was shot on the cheap as a way of holding onto the rights, with the cast and crew not being told of this at the time. Bootlegs exist of the film, but I’m pretty sure Marvel would like to forget about it, like the two Captain America TV movies made in the 70’s, one of which has Christopher Lee as the villain.

More directors have been linked to a new Masters of the Universe film, the killer in the next Friday the 13th movie might not be Jason Voorhees and Disney are said to be working on a live action musical version of Frozen. We have a list of actors said to be reading for Kyle Reese in the next Terminator film, Sam Neill won’t be in Jurassic World and both Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana have signed up for 3 sequels to  Avatar. Kristen Stewart has signed on to Equals, which (Brace yourself for this part) is described as a romantic version of 1984 and a movie based on the card game (And just behind crack cocaine in it’s addictive properties) Magic: The Gathering is being prepared.

He-Man2  All the power of Grayskull and he still has that haircut…

 There’s been some big casting news in the world of comic book movies of late, with the announcement of Michael Douglas as Hank Pym in Ant-Man and German actor Thomas Kretschmann as Baron Von Strucker in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Pym was the original Ant-Man, succeeded in the role by Scott Lang (Who Paul Rudd is presumably playing), while Baron Strucker is one of the heads of Hydra, last seen in Captain America.

Now the really awesome part hasn’t been confirmed, but word is that Jason ‘Khal Drogo’ Momoa was up for a role in Batman vs Superman. The part? Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman. Momoa has denied any involvement, but a list of things I’d do to see that casting happen would be both A: Very long and B: Would get disturbing fast. There was also talk that Marvel wanted Johnny Depp to play Doctor Strange, but mercifully that was debunked quickly. It’s not that I don’t think Depp can’t act, I just don’t want him in the role.


  Who’s laughing now?

There’s a gallery of pictures from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the mere mention of cloning in the viral marketing for Amazing Spider-Man 2 has made me very nervous. No, I’ve not read the Clone Saga, but I know enough to know it’s a continuity mess that makes the history of the X-Men look calm. Meanwhile, word is that the Justice League film will be shot back to back with Batman vs Superman, which, oddly, makes a lot of sense.

 Gotham will feature the origins of many of Batman’s villains and the CW has appeared to have cancelled the young Wonder Woman show Amazon. Boooo! The mighty Bill Paxton (AKA the only man to have been killed by an Alien, Predator and Terminator) will have an upcoming arc in Agents of SHIELD and a pilot for a Constantine TV show has been approved. Can we please get John Simm or Tim Roth for the lead? Pictures of Doctor Who filming have Peter Capaldi riding a horse while in his panamas and did you know that Steven Moffat wanted a shout out to Peter Cushing’s Doctor in the 50th Anniversary special?


 Just forget this, except for Tilda Swinton. Don’t forget her.

 Anna Silk has revealed that George Takei will be appearing in the next season of Lost Girl and the next season of American Horror Story will take place in 1950, with the only other clue that Jessica Lange has been ‘brushing up on her German.’ The first trailer for season 4 of Game of Thrones was released this week and it can’t come soon enough for my taste. We also have the first clips from Knights of BadassdomI, Frankenstein and Robocop, the first teasers for the TV shows Outlander and From Dusk Till Dawn and a fresh teaser for Penny Dreadful. Lastly, there’s a clip from the new Marvel one-shot All Hail the King. If you’ve not seen Iron Man 3 yet, the spoiler warning still applies.

We have some plot details for Star Wars Episode 7, as well some details of a now scrapped script. Actor Peter Mayhew (AKA Chewbacca) has uploaded a stack of pictures from the classic trilogy and there’s a new publicity shot for Star Wars: Rebels that looks very close to that last one we got. We also have a somewhat disturbing storyline intended for the non-canon Star Wars Infinities that would have seen Leia fall to the Dark Side and well, we won’t say any more.



 Gillian ‘Dana Scully’ Anderson is co-writing a sci-fi book series, a new female Transformer has been announced and we’ve a gallery of Game of Thrones based propaganda posters. Lastly, we have an awesome young Doctor Who fan, who decided to dress up as all 11 Doctors.  I don’t care what the commenters say, I choose to believe that he did all that with no help from an adult. Why? Causeit’s more awesome that way and I want a world with more awesome in it.

Quote of the Week:

Dyson: Hey. Did you guys get anything yet?
Bo: A lecture from the vice principal and 27 invitations to the dance. One delivered in soliloquy.
Kenzi: How nice!
Bo: You?
Dyson: A fist bump. Kenz, you?
Kenzi: Well I was attacked by rabid Muffys, manhandled by Coach ‘Bitchy Butch’ and I got detention.
Bo: We are not getting far are we?
Kenzi: Teen angst. Our greatest foe.

Lost Girl – School’s Out



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