Original thought. What?

So, not much has been done on the post apocalypse game the last few days. It’s mostly been brainstorming ideas for factions and trying not to plagarize too much from other systems I’ve been reading about. Sure, being able to say “It’s like X” is useful, but I’d like to be a bit more original.

(If you don’t understand the reference, I can’t help you.)

Anyhow, my D&D players have been deciding on their characters for the upcoming campaign. So far, we have the following:

Half Elven Paladin of Sune – part vigilante, part dating service. Very dashing and swashbuckly.

Shield Dwarf Fighter who’s obsessed with the Waterdhavian theatre scene. I’m happy with this as I now get a chance to pastiche The Talons of Weng-Chiang* at some point.

Dragonborn Druid who’s come to tell people to be nicer to the animals. I’m assuming, with the threat of roasting them alive if they don’t.

Human Rogue, son of a noble house who lives to embarrass his family name and is loving every minute of it.

The last player hasn’t decided on a PC yet, only that it’ll be some form of Arcane caster. Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer is the current front runner.I’m hoping for Wild Mage, but that’s cause the Surge table is one of my favorite things.


Campaign kick’s off next Monday night, so I should have an adventure written by then. NO pressure…

*The Jago and Litefoot audios are austonding aural accquisitions.

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