Design. What?

First off: silly me, I put my hand up and am now running D&D 5E for my home group. Waterdeep, here we come…

Secondly, the post apocalyptic game. (Yes, at some point I will have a proper name for it.) While I’m still in the initial flood of ideas, so I figure a writer’s bible, or at least some sort of framework will be useful. Look, if it distracts me from the “Oh hell, what the fuck have I just agreed to do?” feeling that’s creeps in from time to time, that’ll be a good thing. Here’s what I have so far:


1: I want it to run in my neck of the woods, or close to. Can you blame me?

2: I want it to be challenging. I’m not suggesting ‘You scrounge for 10 hours and find 2 bullets’, but I don’t want things to be too easy. That also goes for combat – I like the threat of death, but not character’s being bumped off left right and centre. Ideally, I’d like the players to feel like badasses, but not have them waltz through encounters. There’s no feeling of triumph without the struggle to ge there.

3: There’s not much desert type area near me, but there is a decent amount of forest. I’m fine with that – the Drop Bears need somewhere to live. Sure, there’s also civilians not to spook and council permission to get as well, but that comes later. grad001-2

4: Start small, then expand. I’ve already had one player ask to be a mutant Kangaroo (After a friend commented that I was writing Tank Girl: The LARP) and while I’m not saying no, I’d rather give it 6 months or so then start adding that level of weirdness.

5: Costuming. I love getting dressed for an event, it’s one of the main reasons I LARP, so naturally I’d like to see a good standard of costume. I don’t want to enforce that, but hope that the player base will continue to improve kit over time.

6: Lastly (For the time being): a sense of humour. I’m almost incapable of running a serious event, which is both good and bad for my GM’ing, but I game to have fun, not to engage in psycological torture. Well, not all the time…

More to follow.


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