More ideas and a deadline

The list of terrible ideas I posted recently has attracted some attention, with several people I know greeting me with “So, when’s GavCon running and how can I register?” It’s mostly flattering,  Therefore I’m setting myself a deadline – by the end of the year I’l have one of those written and ready to go. I’m leaning towards one of the LARP’s – Deadlands and the Hyborian pirates one I wrote about earlier are the front runners. I’m trying to lean away from fantasy, owing to the numerous fantasy games running in my area at the moment and a cyberpunk/post apocalypse style game would allow for Nerf blasters to be used… *ponders* I’ll try to make a decision soon, and cast about for anyone willing to pitch in.

Anyhow, I’ve another terrible idea to add to that list: The 5 Masters, AKA ‘And You Will Obey Me…‘ – I’ve heard of several games over the years where the PC’s are various incarnations of the Doctor, or Doctor and companion. Why not turn that on it’s head and have the PC’s as different regenerations of the Master? That leave’s a choice between Roger Delgado (The original and the best for my money), Peter Pratt (The Deadly Assassin), Anthony Ainley, Eric Roberts, Derek Jacobi, John Simm and Michelle Gomez. (If I wanted to get really obscure, add in the various Big Finish Masters, the Derek Jacobi voiced version from Scream of the Shalka, or even Jonathan Pryce from The Curse of Faltal Death.)


Don’t have any plot ideas, but the story of his resurrection during the Time War comes to mind. True, there’s every chance it would wind up in backstab city within 10 minutes and could fall over in a heap, but I like the idea. Plus, that amount of scenery chewing and general mustache twirling could be epic, even for one of my games which generally contain a large amount of that. It’s not developed beyond an after party idea, but I’ve had worse in the past.

And because I have to say it again, no, I’m not running Fair and Balanced 2: The Trumpocalypse. It’s not happening people, so you can stop asking. I mgiht re-run the original, but that’ll be it. If anyone else wants to you’re welcome, but that’s more than enough for me.

There is one sequel I’m considering – Operation: Aquarius. It was a 60’s spy-fi game I ran a few years ago, where the PC’s where an Agent of SHIELD, UNIT, Torchwood, the Impossible Mission Force and UNCLE. The canon ending has SHIELD (And by extension, HYDRA) getting ahold of Dalek technology. There’s nothing that can go wrong with that scenario…

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