Things Pt 2, a shorter version


The possibility of a Finn/Poe romance. Fuck yes that would be awesome and not just cause of the people it could annoy. (My favorite part of the Thor films is still the amount of white supremacists who got angry at Idris Eba’s casting as Heimdall) You’ve just had a film where the hero’s are a woman, a Latino and a 2nd generation Nigerian, so yeah, keep moving this stuff forward.



The DC movie universe, or more specifically the way it’s affected the DC TV universe. Yes, Arrow’s not perfect (And I’ve not seen enough of The Flash to comment outside of HELL YES YOU GOT MARK HAMILL TO SAY THE LINE*), but surely there was a way that both universes could co-exist? There wasn’t a way there could be 2 different versions of the Suicide Squad (1’s the TV version, the other the movie – I’m sure were sufficiently developed to not confuse the two)? And not that I want to run anyone down, but any version of Amanda Waller that’s not played by CCH Pounder counts as an error in my book.¬† Oh, and SOME FUCKING SUNSHINE in Batman vs Superman would be lovely.

*Which I’m sure he’d have said happily anyway – the man is both a huge geek and a giant ham

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