There’s 2 kinds of people in the world my friend…

 Tonight’s Deadlands session, a brief recap. Also, an illustrative lesson in why dice hate me.
We’ve gone to burn out some cultists (Who’ve been sacrificing to a fertilty demon in the wheat fields). After some Anarchist Shandy’s (AKA molotov cocktails) have been thrown and those of us who’ve failed haven’t set ourselves on fire, the cultists rush at us.My Huckster decides to cast a couple of bolts at them, and boosts the damage. Since it’s an expensive spell, I decide to Deal with the Devil for the points. It does… not go well.

Out comes the Backlash table, which results in the spell doing damage to me.That takes off my right arm  in the magical explosion (Sadly no green flame), and the next round I fail my save and die. On the bright side, it took the 2 cultists with me, with the only other casualty being my horse. I also fail the card draw to have my character return as Harrowed, which is a mixed blessing. That’s an improvement, which the players in my 4th Ed game can tell you about. Jokes about how the explosive cards fell back down my sleeve follow, many of them made by me.

So, I’m currently deciding between a martial artist (Because their powers don’t cause backlash and The Warriors Way is a fantastic film) or gunslinger for my next character, and not at all cause I now have Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive stuck in my head.


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