Tomorrowland is a movie powered by the spirit of an 11 year old who thinks jetpacks are cool and if liking that is wrong then I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT. It’s the sort of spirit that good Star Trek has, that optimism that says no matter how bad things are, there’s still a chance to make things better. (It’s also the sort of thing I outwardly loath but can’t help getting swept up in)  Yeah, it’s a bit preachy about it, but in a non-terrible way, unlike say, On Deadly Ground. That message of hope could stand to be repeated a bit louder if you ask me, both to remind people to stop being dicks and to remember there’s still a chance to save things before we’re irretrievably fucked.

It’s the sort of film that I was surprised actually got made, but that was before I was reminded that it was directed by Brad Bird, who directed The Iron Giant and The Incredibles and can thus DO NO WRONG. Your may look at it another way (io9’s take on it was pretty fucking different to mine), but that’s OK.

So yeah,  go see it while it’s still in cinemas. Support something that’s not a reboot or a sequel for a change.

(And Disney – can we please get Tron 3 back on as well?)

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