‘Unleash the Kraken’ is really fun to yell. Trust me on this.

It’s quiz time kiddies! And the $64,000 question is why haven’t I been blogging? Choose from one of the following answers…

1: I choked on a piece of cabanossi and have only just been reanimated. Brains…..


3: My head has been buried in Renaissance France preparing to run my Eyecon module.

4: Batman.

And the answer is *random quiz show noise* 3! (I did almost choke Friday night mid-game, but that’s another story.)

What can I say about the event? Swashes were buckled, the accents were terrible (One player who shall remain nameless deserves special mention – it started as bad French, had detours through Italian and German and settled on Mexican for a short time) and Queen Anne was saved from a fate worse than death – Orlando Bloom.  I even got to unleash the Kraken a couple of times, which is an amazingly fun phrase to yell. Go on, go into the backyard and yell it at the top of your lungs. Your neighbours might look at you funny, but if they’re only just starting to do that now you’ve been doing something wrong.

Highlights included a horse being ridden at full pelt through the Louvre, doors and windows smashed through with merry abandon, a player snorting water out her nose thanks to an expertly timed use of the Wilhelm Scream, a heroic suicide with a keg of gunpowder (Right next to the powder room of a pirate ship…), the rescue of numerous stunning barmaids and the English being insulted at every opportunity. There was a LOT of laughter – we might have interrupted the Call of Cthulhu game next door a few times, for which I’m more than a little embarrassed. Overall, it was glorious and I’m still recovering – running 9 out of 11 sessions takes it out of you. It’s also been a hell of a weekend for my ego – having people tell you they came to con purely for your game is a hell of an ego boost. I’m just glad they told me afterwards – NO BLOODY PRESSURE.

I’m still toying with what game to run for Sydcon. Here’s some of the possibilities:

1: The first day of school for would-be Adventurers. This would be the first in a series, leading up to the University 10 year reunion freeform. (Blame Andy Cook, it was his idea.) This game would also mean we get to inflict a Half Orc Bard with a set of bagpipes on the world – I can see a lot of competition to play that character, even more so than the Sorceress cheerleaders.

2: A couple of Doctor Who based ideas – the first with the PC’s being UNIT personnel working in the Black Archive (Where all the weird alien stuff is kept – think Warehouse 13 or the end of Raiders), the other where the PC’s are people who’ve once met the Doctor. It may have been 3 days ago or 30 years ago since you met him, but suddenly a TARDIS blue envelope has turned up on your door… There’d be 1 PC for each Doctor and you’d choose by looking at the address on the envelope. Lot of work and I don’t have a villain/monster yet, but I really like the idea.

3: Tarrasque 2, AKA the difficult second album. The world’s greatest Orc rock band is coming back and this time, the amps go to 12! My housemate has been very insistent that this happen – I got that terrifyingly creepy smile she does that’s a mix between ‘I’m in my happy place’ and someone who’s been dosed with Joker toxin…

4: Fair and Balanced! Everything Fox News was warning you about has happened, and now the last conservative stronghold in America (Which is, of course, Fox News) is coming to take it’s country back! This is proof to the theory that I should really shut my mouth when I have an idea, because people will demand I write and run it.

Anyhow, I’m off to play some more Arkham Origins. Criminal scum of Gotham, the Bat is coming for you…

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