It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind…

So, pondering writing games in licensed settings over the weekened and I returned to my love for Babylon 5. It struck me that I’ve not really had an idea that I felt was well, worthy of the setting. Part of that, well most of it, boils down to my love of the show and not wanting to screw it up. My games tend to be B-movies and I’m OK with that. I could manage something like The Parliament of Dreams or Soul Mates without much trouble, but something like Comes the Inquisitor or  And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place, yeah, that’s not going to happen. Aha, but during a discussion with Wife on the way home, Sunday, I might have cracked. Sure, it’s mostly inspired by the episode Learning Curve and what little I remember from the TV movie The Legend of the Rangers, but here goes.


So, the Rangers are an organization comprised of Humans and Minbari, but are seen to be opening up their ranks to the other races late in the show. So, what if the PC’s are the first group entirely from them? That would mean the PC’s would be a Narn, Drazi, pak’ma’ra, Gaim and Brakiri. (There was temptation to add a Centauri to conlfict with the Narn, but I agree with my wife that they wouldn’t be interested.) They’re on a shuttle in hyperspace on the way to Minbar for the inaguration. Something goes kaboom, the engines are dead and they begin to drift. After fixing the engines (And finding evidence of sabotage), they limp to Minbar, and have 3 days to spend before the inaguration trying to dodge assassins, members of the MInbari Warrior Caste (Who aren’t trying to kill them, but being dicks) and prove to others that they can be worthy of the rank.

So, not sure if I’ll ever run it, but it was fun to work out the idea.

On those lines, the Star Trek:Bridge Crew game that was being talked about. No, nothings happened with it yet, but I know one thing for certain – if we use a Klingon ship I’m writing them. It’s not that I couldn’t write a Federation or Romulan ship, even a Cardassian or Vulcan, but there’s that whole proud warrior race thing appeals more to my macho idiot side (Yes, I do have one. Try not to laugh). Plus, there’s vast amounts of scenery chewing and seeing if I can make the players sing.

As for the post apoc game, I don’t have any updates, other than the idea for emphasising hostipality (Whether in background or a game mechanic) to reference the theme to Neighbours. I’m not proud.

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